iMagic is a total solution provider of cellular and Internet environment, From characterization to establish systems and advanced applications. iMagic characterizes the client’s needs and combines it designs and develops all interactive needs.
We want to feel the customer, to live the business and understand their needs. We believe that in order to build a good product, we should feel it and it’s surroundings.

iMagic is working together with its partners to give customers Server-side solutions and Internet marketing side, constantly evolving field. The Company believes that the development of mobile product / internet is just the first step toward success, success also includes the right marketing and attention to user comfort and speed.

iMagic develops iPhone and Android games, and soon you will find on the App Store two games under the brand iMagic Games, Games developed by us from the idea stage. So if you have cool game idea, contact us today, we promise to keep your idea, help you choose a development platform and course design and develop the game.

We provide our customers a full website designed with content management system that enables the management of the site from anywhere, including mobile phone editing himself. Simple content management system, easy to use even for those unfamiliar with the mysteries of the computer and actually it’s like word processor software word, which allows changing content on the site.